Moving Advice

Your Checklist

Listed below are a number of points to consider on the day of your move, for everything to run smoothly. Most of this you may already be aware of, but please, indulge us, the more we all can do, the better.


If you have yellow lines or parking bays outside your property, parking may be a problem. Parking dispensation will be required. This unfortunately is something only you as a resident can arrange, but we can help by supplying you with all the necessary information and relevant telephone numbers for your local council.

Books & Records

These are deceptively heavy, so please make use of the smaller boxes or, alternatively, half fill the larger boxes with lighter items on top and avoid putting too many items into a box. Clearly label all boxes with their contents and the room from which they came.

Chest of Drawers

These can be left filled with linen and clothes as long as they are not too heavy. Fragile or valuable items should be packed separately. Drawers in divan beds should also be emptied.

Clothes Wardrobe

Wardrobe boxes can be provided for the contents of your wardrobes. Please make sure that all hangers are packed the same way round as this makes re-hanging easier. All other small effects from wardrobes should be packed separately. Please ensure that items are clear of dirt or food residues as this promotes mould.


Pack only 5 or 6 smaller plants into a box ensuring that some bubble wrap or towelling is placed between the pots to prevent them from toppling over. Seal the box with the flaps up to give extra protection and to allow the plants to breath. You should advise us of any larger plants that require special treatment and leave their packing to us.

Refrigerators & Freezers

These should be emptied and defrosted prior to removal. It should be noted that frozen food is not covered under our insurance. Please switch off the appliance 45 minutes prior to moving. Once in the new home please wait 45 minutes before switching the appliance on. Please secure the wire to the back of the fridge securely.


Gas and Electric cookers can be disconnected by yourself, but if in doubt, seek professional advice from a CORGI registered personnel. Clean off all grease, as this can lead to a nasty accident. Remove any loose fittings from the cooker and pack separately. The glass base plate from the microwave oven should also be removed and packed separately. Please secure all loose pipes and wires to the back of the cooker using tape.

Washing Machines

These should be disconnected and any contents removed. A drum-locking bar should also be fitted. We have moved thousands of machines without their locking bars being fitted without problem however, Your manufacturers warranty does require this. Please secure all loose wires and plumbing pipes to the back of the washing machine with tape.

Notify Those that need to know

Well in advance of your move, you should contact your utility companies of your vacation of the premises. Gas, electricity, water, TV licensing, telephone and local authority should be advised. Please notify the post office of your new address so that you can redirect your mail. It is also worth considering telephoning, posting a card or e-mailing family, friends, employers and health professionals of your change of address.

Access to Premises

To ensure a speedy removal and delivery of your goods, both the current property which you are vacating and the one to which we are delivering, have good access for our vehicles. It should be noted that if we have quoted for delivery to an address with good access and this is not the case, your quoted price may be subject to adjustment.

It is also important that someone is available at the destination to advise the crew as to where to unload the goods. Your furniture will be placed where you require it to be situated. Labelling of boxes makes the distributing task easier. It is a good idea to have a room set aside for boxes that will not be unpacked immediately. This will minimise clutter.

Children & Pets

Children are always excited about moving and will want to help. Loading a removals van can however be hazardous. We therefore ask that they are supervised and kept at a safe distance from the van and the crew whilst they are removing heavy items.

Final Checks

Before leaving, make sure everything has been loaded – check all rooms, particularly fitted wardrobes, lofts, cellars, airing cupboards, garages and sheds. Only then should you decide to vacate the premises.

The Crew

All our crew are helpful, courteous and professional porters with experience and they are ultimately responsible for the safe delivery of your goods. It is heavy work, requiring lots of physical effort.

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