Packing Advice

Moving is a stressful experience, For this reason you should make sure that the packing stage of your move is done carefully and all your possessions have been secured for transport.

Start Early

When to start packing? This is a difficult question. If you start too early you may find you are ‘living out of a box’ for a while but if you start too late you will be rushing and will inevitably lose or misplace something. There is also the worry of the sale not going through or being delayed for whatever reason. The best advice is to start early and pack non day-to-day items and continue to do so until you have exchanged contracts for your new house. Once you have a completion date you can go full steam ahead with the packing.

Survival Box

Prepare a survival box that has essentials in it. These are the things you will need up until the day you move and the first night of moving into your new house.

Prepare an 'Open First' Box

For each room you should have a box that will be opened first on arrival at your new house. For each room you will need things on the first day and night but if they are scattered throughout your boxes it will be difficult to find them.

Keep Important Documents Together

Don’t lose your important paperwork, it’s easily done! Keep everything together and close to you.

Hazardous Materials

Anything that may be dangerous/flammable/hazardous around the house would be best out of the way during your house move especially if you have children. Put all these things in a box well out of the way.

Packaging Advice


Don’t overfill boxes especially large boxes because you will find it difficult to move them later on.


Heavy items should go in small boxes. It makes them easier to move


Be methodical. Go room by room or allocate rooms to members of the family.

Pack your personal things yourself. Don’t leave the important stuff to someone else.
Always label the box with it’s contents especially if it contains valuables. You should also number boxes and assign a room in your new house to each box number. This will make life easier for you in your new house.
Use plenty of bubble wrap and newspaper. Don’t break a valuable item for the sake of saving some paper.
Provide plenty of padding for boxes with breakables in them. You can use bubble wrap or newspaper to stuff the sides of the box and cushions or pillows inside the box.
If you can get the right box for the right item e.g. wardrobe boxes for clothes etc. It does make life easier.
Wrap crockery individually in tissue paper/wrapping paper. Stack plates on their sides to avoid breakages.
If items need dismantling do it in good time. Keep all the screws, nuts and bolts together.

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